How to Design a Cute Logo for Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

How to Design a Cute Logo for Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps

How adorable is this logo? Pretty cute, right?

Would you believe it only took me about 10 minutes to put together? I know what you are thinking, “but I’m not a graphic designer, I can't do that.” Well, I'm here to tell you, you absolutely can!

It's not as hard as you may think to come up with a really great logo you can use for your blog or website.

I'll walk you through 5 steps I use when creating a custom logo and show you how simple it was to design this Cute Bird logo.

1. Brainstorm a few logo ideas

I do my best brainstorming with a good ole notebook and a pretty set of pens. I like to jot down a list of ideas and thoughts onto the paper, then see what stands out. Think about the message you want to convey to your audience and make a list of items which would represent your business the best.

I also find it extremely helpful to look at other logos to get some ideas flowing. You can use google images and do a search for a particular logo type.

Pinterest is another fantastic resource full of logo inspiration. Create your own Pinterest board and pin logos you like to help inspire your new design.

Think about logo variations while you are brainstorming ideas. Do you want a logo which is tall and stacked, or would you prefer a logo which is wider and takes up less vertical space? Will you need to create a watermark or small version of your logo?

Knowing this information will help you to make the best decisions for your design.

2. Find graphics to use for your logo

I'm not an Illustrator.

I have great admiration for someone who can meticulously draw out and illustrate a beautiful design. And believe me, I've tried to do it, but my poor designs turn out, well, just awful. Thankfully, I've discovered a few amazing places to find graphics which you can download and use to help you craft the perfect logo.

Etsy is a great resource for finding individual graphics and kits you can use to put together your design. I've found some amazing shops selling the most beautiful graphics.

Several months ago, I discovered Design Cuts graphics bundles and fell in love. Design Cuts puts together unbelievably huge bundles of graphics, backgrounds, textures, icons, fonts, illustrations and so much more.

Their bundles are HUGE and the price is very affordable for what you receive. You can purchase a Design Cuts bundle for less than what you would probably pay a designer to create your logo.

The graphics I used to create the Cute Bird logo came from a kit I downloaded from Design Cuts, but get this, it was from one of their Freebie Friday giveaways.  That's right, beautiful graphics which were totally free.  How cool is that?

3. Pick your favorite graphics editor to work with

Choose your favorite graphics editor to work with.  I love using Adobe Photoshop for all my design work because it is so powerful and it can do so many awesome things. Photoshop does take a bit of getting used to if you have never used it before, but if you plan to do any design work on your own, it may be well worth the investment to own a copy.

There are many online programs you can use as well to pull together your design.  Some of the editors may be limited with what you can do, but if you don't have a desktop editor available, you may find them to be your best option. Canva offers the ability to upload and work with your own graphics, as does PicMonkey.

Select the program that works best for you.

4. Choose a Great Font

I not only have a Design Cuts bundle buying addiction, but I also have a crazy, gotta have that font addiction.

You can never have enough great fonts in your collection. But if you are not an avid font collector, no problem! You can find and download free fonts from lots of places.

If you are new to downloading fonts, you could give Google Fonts or Font Squirrel a try.

The font that I chose for this logo is Al Fresco from Adobe Typekit. Typekit comes as part of my Adobe Photoshop membership. I can select the fonts I want to use, and they automatically sync to my computer. Super easy!

Type out the text you want to use for your logo and play around with different fonts. You can try your logo in sentence case, upper case or lower case to see what fits best with your style.

If you have two lines in your logo such as the one shown in this post, try mixing a fun script or handwriting font with a sans-serif font (meaning without the end strokes you see on fonts such as Times New Roman), or try and uppercase serif font with a lowercase san-serif font.

Here are two examples of how using different font combos can change up the look of your logo.

font designs for logos

font designs for logos

5. Arrange and create your perfect logo

For this logo, I selected three images - the bird, the branch and the feather. Make sure to start with an empty canvas which is set to 300dpi for print quality. Open or import the images you plan to work with onto your canvas and begin the arrangement.

bird for logo logo feather branch for logo

Resize the graphics if needed and play around with the layout. The original bird from the Freebie Friday kit had slightly larger feet which didn't fit on the branch quite as I wanted, so in photoshop, I used the eraser tool and erased bits of the foot until it fit perfectly on the branch. I played around with the size of the bird and the placement on the branch until I felt I achieved the look I was after.

Add in the lines of text you created and select your colors. For the text in this logo, I pulled colors out of the bird using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop for a perfect match.  If you don't have that ability, try a color chart to find a color that matches your graphics, or go with a neutral color.

As a final touch, I shrank the feather and used that to dot the i. Just a small extra touch that makes a big difference in the design.

You really can design your very own custom logo!

With a little planning, a great graphics kit to work with, some fun fonts and a little patience, you can put together a logo that you love. There's no need to go back and forth with a designer who doesn't have your unique vision.

You can save yourself a bit of money by creating your own logo. Plus, if you ever need to edit or make changes, you don't have to wait on someone else to do it for you.

I hope this Cute Bird logo inspired you to start thinking about creating your very own logo design.

How to Design a Cute Logo for Your Blog in 5 Easy Steps


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