Learn how to quickly create beautiful blog and social media graphics

Learn how to quickly create beautiful blog and social media graphics

Do you design your own blog and social media graphics? Do you feel like your current process takes up way too much of your time? Are you looking for a quick and easy way to create graphics to post to all platforms, all while keeping a beautifully cohesive look?

Then please allow me to introduce you to one of the coolest tools I have found for quickly and easily creating graphics for blog and social media posts.


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Adobe Spark Post

The Adobe Spark Post app has been hiding in a quiet corner of my phone for at least 3 - 4 years, and I am just now discovering how truly awesome this app is.

You can access Spark Post on your mobile device or your favorite desktop browser. This makes it super easy to create graphics on-the-go, and using the mobile app is just as easy as using the full version.

Spark Post Projects

We all know how important it is to have great images to represent the content we create. But who has time to spend creating and resizing each image by hand?

This tool is so fun to use, and the only thing that will consume your time is all the awesome design options you have to choose from.



So what exactly is Adobe Spark Post?

Spark Post is an online social media photo editor that lets you add custom images, beautiful text, photo filters, resize images for various platforms, apply color palette mix options and so much more. You can create beautiful social media and blog post graphics in minutes.

I find it just as easy to create images on my phone as I do on my computer.

You will need an Adobe ID to login to Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post Login

A quick look at a few Adobe Spark Post features:

  • Large collection of beautiful, professional fonts.
  • Access to thousands of free stock photos.
  • Upload and use your own stock photos with their professional themes.
  • Quickly resize your templates to fit any blog or social media platform.
  • Desktop and mobile app for quick access to your files.

10 Adobe Spark Post features to help you quickly create beautiful blog and social media graphics

1. Choose from a library of style templates or create your own custom design

Spark Post offers a variety of pre-designed style templates to customize, or you can custom create your own personal style template. Once you have a design or layout you like, it's simple to duplicate and make changes to help you keep a consistent look among your graphics.

2. Huge photo library to choose from

Choose from thousands of free photos to use as backgrounds or create a grid style images. You can also upload your personal images to use.

The mobile app is currently beta testing a pattern library that offers tons of patterned backgrounds. It's not available yet in the desktop version, but it's really cool so I can only imagine it won't be long.

3. Lots of layout options to choose from

Choose to keep your design as a simple layout, banner style layout or select any one of the many grid style layouts so you can add additional text or image blocks.

Spark Post Layout Options

4. Resize your image to fit the platform

No need to remember what the best size for a Pinterest graphic should be, or what the dimensions of a Facebook post are. Spark Post has all the sizes you could ever need.  Once you create a design, you can duplicate it and quickly resize with a simple click.

Here is a list of images sizes currently available:

  • Social Posts

    Blog Post
    YouTube Thumbnail
    Facebook Ad
    Instagram Story

  • Social Profiles

    Facebook Profile Cover
    Facebook Page Cover
    Facebook Event Cover
    Twitter Header
    LinkedIn Background
    YouTube Channel Art
    Etsy Cover
    Eventbrite Event Image

  • Standard Sizes


5. Mixable color palettes

Not sure what colors will look best together? Adobe has done the work for you and offers four categories of mixable color palettes for you to choose from.

Every time you click the selected palette, your templates color scheme changes so you can make instant decisions on color combinations. So simple!

6. Apply photo filters

Several options are available to change the look of your background image. Change your photo to black & white or overlay with various tonal colors to create a variety of looks.

7. Solid color backgrounds

Choose from an extensive list of colors to create a solid background for your text. And don't forget that the mobile app offers a beta pattern library to add fun, patterned backgrounds to your post.

8. Font background shapes

There are so many fun options for font shapes. You can add a box or a circle behind your text, add lines above and below, add banners and decorative elements, the list goes on and on.

Some of the options offer the ability to remix the design. Every time you click the same shape, the appearance of your text changes from solid to outlined to transparent. There are an unlimited amount of design possibilities.

9. Lots of font & color options

Spark Post offers a large selection of fonts and colors that will look beautiful on your design. You can choose from fonts in the following categories:

  • Bold Fonts
  • Decorative Fonts
  • Elegant Fonts
  • Modern Fonts
  • Script Fonts

10. Change up text spacing, alignment, and opacity

The spacing option allows you to put more spacing between the lines of your text. You also get four alignment choices and the ability to change the opacity so you can see parts of your image or patterned background under the text.

And make sure to try out the style mixer dial which lets you spin the wheel and allow Adobe to pick different styles for you.

If you create blog and social media graphics, you should give Adobe Spark Post a try

Spark Post offers such a unique, creative and fun way to create beautiful, eye-catching posts that will wow your visitors. And you don't need a degree in graphic design to use it.

You only have a few seconds to grab a reader's attention with your blog and social media images. There is no need to spend hours trying to create your own templates when there are easy breezy apps like Spark Post.

What program do you currently use to design your social media and blog graphics?

Note: Adobe Spark Post is free for anyone to download and use. If you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, you can remove the Spark Post branding from your images.  If you don't have an Adobe Creative Cloud account, for a limited time, Adobe is offering a free sneak peek of their branding removal feature, and you'll be able to remove branding from content you publish from now until the end of the year. After that time, if you publish or republish content, the Adobe Spark branding will reappear.


collection of blog planning checklists

Learn how to quickly create beautiful blog and social media graphics


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